Snowkiting courses in Norway

Why a snowkiting course in Norway?

  • Because we do not solve the snow we do not solve the space and we do not solve the wind  ( the snow is always guaranteed )
  • We use a wide range of snowkiting facilities and have been teaching children since the age of 12
  • We use helmets with radio stations - the use of radio in the helmet of the students make teaching 100% efficient as eye contact and oral communication is imposible after a couple of meters.
  • You've never tried snowkiting before? Never mind we will pick you up at the airport, accommodate, set up the equipment and teach you how to snowkite.

During the courses: 

  • Formal opening, selection of the best conditions for training, safety rules, preparation of kite equipment, crisis management, wind theory, practical training with the kite.
  • Preparation of kites, safe take- off and landing of kites, standing-up using the kite, starting to ride with kite on a ski or with snowboard
  • Riding there and back, stopping the ride
  • Training of the upwind rising, practicing of simple maneuvers and turns, riding to exhaustion J ....

What is needed for kite lesson in Norway ?

  • Good functional clothing, preferably more of thin layers than only 2 heavy ones as power kiting is a sport where you are on the move from the beginning till the end of the course
  • own ski and snowboard boots and the helmet
  • good protection of your head and body, protection of your mouth is alaso important for the possible frosts up to -5-15 ° C, creams against the frost and  the sun
  • Choice of the snowboard for snowkiting (will be set up just before the course)

The price of snowkiting courses

 2 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer     ...............   140€ 

 4 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer    ...............    230€ 

 6 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer     ...............   320€

 8 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer     ...............    410€

10 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer     ...............   600€

The Price includes:

Kite complete , harness, Instructor, ski / snowboard

The Price does not include:

Accommodation, flight-ticket and insurance. The whole package of snowkiting trip can be ordered here For cancellation and sports insurance, please contact us directly at Kiteseason travel agency

Book a snowkiting course in Norway

  • Choice the course
  • 2 hours snowkiting course
  • 4 hours snowkiting course
  • 6 hours snowkiting course
  • 8 hours snowkiting course
  • 10hours snowkiting course